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Pricing & Packages

Carriage House Wedding

At Music Road DJ Service, I understand you have a budget. You're looking for the best value, but you don't want to sacrifice professional service. My prices are very reasonalbe, because I don't have a large overhead. I upgrade my equipment and songs quite frequently. I am not a large dj service. But I promise a personal touch, years of wedding experience, and a great deal of fun.

I also know that some people know exactly what they want for their wedding, and some who don't have any idea. That's where I can assist you. I don't tell what you need, I listen to what you would like. Based on our talks, I recommend timelines and music selections.

No two weddings are ever alike. That's why I incorperate you and your fiance's personality and style in the program. My motto is "Weddings Your Way."With consultation we can find the best package for your very special day. We can also discuss a timeline, and music selection for your wedding day. In selecting music don't forget your guests. Communication can be done via email, phone, and/or in person. Whatever is easier for you. I understand you have a busy lifestyle.

The packages below are a baseline for my DJ services. This will give you and your fiance a better expectation of your cost. Then with consultation, we can customize your wedding.

1. Wedding Reception Package:

This package includes:

   • 16 years experience as a wedding host
   • Traveling time to wedding within a 60 mile radius from Tilton N.H.
   • Consultation through email, phone, and /or in-person
   • Coordinating all activities with bridal party, venue coordinator, photographer, and catering service manager
   • Written contract
   • Wireless microphone for announcements, toasts, & etc.
   • Host the entire reception including announcing the Bridal party
   • Wedding planner form, and create a timeline for your wedding
   • Set up and breakdown music equipment for the reception
   • Music equipment, including: Numark mixer, 2 QSC powered speakers, wired microphone, wireless microphone, laptop, with cd backup.
   • Full music collection from the past 6 decades to current
   • All types of music: ex: Pop, Country, 50’s & 60’s, Classic Rock, Jazz, and your request
   • Create play list for the Bride & Groom, Father & Bride, and Mother & Groom dances
   • Create play list for Retrieve Garter, Bouquet Toss, and Garter Toss
   • Group dancing such as: Cupid shuffle, YMCA, Cha,Cha, Slide, The Wobble, Line Dancing, The Twist, and Cotton Eye Joe.
   • Music for the cocktail hour, dinner time, and dancing time in the same room
   • Sound Activated Dance Lighting
   • A Do Not play list

2. Ceremony & Reception Package:

Music can be provided for the ceremony for an additional fee of $100.00.

This package includes everything that is in the Reception package plus:

   • Create a play list which includes Prelude Music (DJ selects), Processional Music for parents/groom/groomsman (DJ selects), Bridesmaid Processional Music Entrance (bride chooses), Brides entrance music (bride chooses), and Recessional music for Marriage & Announcement music (bride chooses).
    • Set up and breakdown time for additional music equipment Example: Gazebos, another function room, or where the music from a reception can't be heard for the Ceremony. If Ceremony is done in the same room as the reception, no additional music equipment is necessary. The Cost will only be an additional $35.
    • One wireless microphone for the person performing the ceremony, bride, and groom.

*2017 Pricing for these packages are between $680.00 and $1295.00 *

** Please note that these rates are for a limited time, and are subject to change**