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DJ Services, Wedding DJ Services, in Central NH (Laconia, Alton, Conway, Concord, and Tilton NH)

MUSIC ROAD Disc Jockey Service in Tilton, New Hampshire, offers a handy guide to develop an itinerary. As your wedding DJ, Roger is ready to help you bring it all together. Contact him today to request service for your event. Suggested Guide for after the Ceremony:

Pre-Dinner Cocktails

Following the ceremony, musical accompaniment is a tune of your choice. It sets the mood and helps everyone relax.

The Receiving Line

With this tradition, the bride, groom, both sets of parents, and the entire bridal party greet their guests. Once this is completed, the photographs are taken. Guests make their way to the reception for cocktails and music until your arrival.

Bridal Party Introduction

When the bridal party arrives, the event coordinator or the DJ lines up the bridal party. Roger announces their names as they enter the room. If desired, a song is played during the introduction. After the introduction, you go to your reserved table, or right into the bride and groom's first dance.

The Toast

Soon after the introduction, it's time to raise your glasses to make a toast to the bride and groom! Traditionally, the best man gives the toast, however, many couples also have a second or third person say a few words. We provide a wireless microphone for this event.

The Blessing

Saying grace prior to dinner is typically done by a clergy person. However, many brides and grooms designate a family member to say grace before the meal. A wireless microphone is available for this as well.


Music is provided continuously during dinner. Guests are seated by place card at most sit-down meals. At both full-service and buffet-style wedding dinners, a member of the catering service or the DJ announces the order in which tables are served.

Since the bride and groom finish their meals approximately 15-30 minutes before the guests, this is the perfect time to visit each table to say hello.

Cutting the Cake

This tradition is usually after the meal, and may get messy. Roger can provide music and a bit of fun for this event. The photographer may take a few still shots before you cut the cake. Then, the bride and groom cut a piece of cake and feed it to each other.

Formal Dances

Roger traditionally asks the newlyweds to take the floor for their first dance, if it's not done after the introduction. He may also announce the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance. Parents and the wedding party can have their own dances or be incorporated into the bridal dance. All songs played are prearranged before the big day.

After the Formal Dances

Now it's time to get the party started! Roger opens up the dance floor for a fantastic selection of music that you have chosen, along with special requests and dedications. At this time, Roger may also announce the bouquet and garter toss, along with appropriate music.

The Last Dance

The bride and groom may choose a particular song for their last dance of the reception. You will arrange the musical choice before the wedding day.

Contact Roger to discuss disc jockey services for your special day.